For Our Clients

Why Art?

Art is a magical element that touches each and every one of us in a unique and special way. Close your eyes for just a second, and think how much better your day would be if your passions were stirred by the incredible talents of one creative genius after another.

At CBS Art Collections, we believe we can enhance this magic for those who use your services. In today’s tough business environment, the ability for you to supply fresh, cutting edge answers, may be the best way to help your business grow.

With our help, you can improve the quality, and the value, of the services you offer your own clients, regardless of whether you’re an interior designer, architect, hotel owner, collector, doctor or for that matter, any enterprise who interacts with the public. Supplying your business with the gift of extraordinary art will give you a step up on your competition and enable you to flourish.

About the Visionary

Craig Babson-Smith, founder of CBS Art Collections, has an uncompromising passion for the fine arts and the utmost respect for the creative geniuses that produce these fabulous works. His team has worked vigorously to establish a “select” talent pool of the best and most innovative artists who have undergone intensive training at the most prestigious art schools, artist-in-residency programs, or just from sheer heart dedication and passion located throughout the entire U.S.

About the Artists

CBS Art Collections provides you with great works of art produced by fabulously talented and extraordinarily gifted artists. Discovering works of art crafted by premier talents who have had their skills honed at some of the best art schools throughout the U.S. gives today’s art buyer a sense of validation and pedigree in a difficult economic time. We are continuously paving our road with new and exceptional talent. That talent will be showcased on this website for you to use as a resource for your most discerning clients.

Join us!

We invite you to look through our collection, and hope you are thrilled by the journey of discovery we have assembled for you to search from and offer to your clients.

Enjoy the ride!

Craig Babson-Smith
CBS Art Collections

For Our Artists

Congratulations! You’ve got boundless talent, zeal and simply incredible things to say with your unlimited gifts. You’ve taken the right preliminary actions by letting your passion for creativity focus you and direct you into creating beautiful artworks. At this stage, you’ve already discovered how hard it is to make a living as a full time artist. CBS Art Collections can help you to stay in your chosen career path by providing you with important career counseling and “all things business.” This step allows you to do what you do best:


We Watch Your Backs

Turning your artistic gifts and passion into a profitable career requires a guiding and nurturing hand. Our working goal is to help the artist further their careers in their chosen profession, offering tailored marketing plans that are uniquely crafted for each individual artist. We understand that EXPOSURE is a key element of your success, and accordingly, have developed an incredible list of art buying contacts at thousands of institutions across a broad range of industries. We let you focus on creating great art by providing you with all the business aspects of your growing career. Most importantly, we represent you, so your interests are now ours.

About the Visionary

Craig Babson-Smith, founder of CBS Art Collections has an uncompromising passion for the fine arts and the utmost respect for the creative geniuses that produce these fabulous works of art. His dream is to cultivate a long and spectacular career for a “select” group of talent, culled from the most innovative art programs and art studios throughout the entire U.S.

Art Is Everywhere/Our Clients

Art turns the houses we buy into homes. Art makes our hotel stays more intimate. Art helps us heal faster when visiting our doctor’s office. Art gives us the power to understand the complex words spoken by our attorneys. Art somehow makes the numbers add up when we visit our accountant. Art makes the lunch we enjoy with a friend at a restaurant taste better. Our clients know the power of art.

They have crafted the life experiences that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Our team has worked vigorously to develop key art buying contacts across corporate America in a broad and all encompassing brush stroke.

It’s Time to Take Charge

Timing is everything in life and your time begins right now. We, at CBS Art Collections are excited to begin a never- ending journey to discover, and represent your artistic future today. We look forward to speaking with you and share the joy that is your work.

Enjoy the Ride!

Craig Babson-Smith
CBS Art Collections