Abduction and Deliverance

by Aldo Lira

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Colors: , , , , ,
Artist: Aldo Lira
Uploaded on: March 14th, 2011
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Oil on linen
30″ X 36″

About the Artist

Aldo Lira
Artist Statement

I have found that people who become interested in my work generally ask similar questions, and so I have organized my statement to include the most frequently-asked questions:

Subject Matter:
My paintings depict encounters between the everyday world of human existence and that of the numinous or spiritual world that intersects with it.

The subject matter has been drawn from accounts of spiritual or mystical encounters found both in stories from earlier periods of history and from contemporary reports that parallel them. During our present era, the imagery that corresponds most closely to the archetypal images found in the paintings of traditional cultures is found in accounts of near-death experiences and of encounters with supposed alien intelligences

My painting has been most strongly influenced by the 17th Century Baroque Spanish and Neapolitan master painters. I am drawn to the intense spirituality found in these works, often expressed through spiraling, swirling patterns of energy. At the same time, having grown up during the late 20th Century, I was influenced through exposure to the vivid and saturated color schemes of comic book cover art, animated cartoons and anime. My paintings are a synthesis of these varied influences.

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