by Allan Gorman

Indian Gas
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Colors: , , , ,
Artist: Allan Gorman
Uploaded on: July 28th, 2011
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oil on linen
24″ X36″

About the Artist

Meditations on the hand of man

My paintings are about the beauty found within man’s industry. I look for interesting shapes and precision created by man made objects to explore form, composition, color and emotion. For me, the images are about security and permanence, and often evoke a romantic nostalgia for another time and place.

Even as a kid, I had an affinity for man-made things that linked to the past — elevated train stations… subway cars with rattan seats… propeller planes… architecture and furniture from the art deco period… streamlined automobiles; and of course the artwork of Edward Hopper, Charles Sheeler and George Bellows.

Now when I make my own art, I’m drawn to subject matter that takes me back there — classic structures… nostalgic photos… and now, highways, trucks and industrial objects. I’m attracted to timeless, classic shapes, fine craftsmanship, power, and a strong connection to the things I love.

I marvel at and try to share the powerful, angular, and interesting shapes found in the objects we’ve created. I celebrate the care and skill that goes into designing and building things, their stately and precise beauty, and their ability to evoke those familiar feelings of simplicity, curiosity and comfort.

I hope you’ll find them as compelling as I do.

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