Impact Investing

by Baris Gokturk

Impact Investing
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Artist: Baris Gokturk
Uploaded on: March 10th, 2011
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Ink, Acrylic, Alkyd on Canvas
62 x 68 inches

About the Artist

I am interested in the intangibility of knowledge; its vulnerability in relation to the manipulative power of word and image. Words and images are relentlessly used to justify any moral posture, or its lack, through their power of logical and aesthetic legitimization.
The instigation for my recent body of work comes from catchphrase terminology connected to the contemporary culture of power. Terms from the financial, political and military worlds such as banal as “ Too Big to Fail” or as obscure as “ Synergy Related Head Count Adjustment” become the springboards for my paintings. I start with image searches based on these catchphrases, from which a multi-layered studio practice evolves.
The resulting paintings are obstructed after-thoughts, projections on a cave wall rather then representations of these verbal misrepresentations. The worn off pictorial zone inhibits several clashes between the meaning stripped off the word, the image stripped of meaning, painting stripped of painting and so on. This way, every aspect of the work becomes paradoxical yet its raison d’etre becomes meaningful. Consequently, not only the act of seeing but also seeing through, seeing despite of and seeing beyond become indispensable in approaching the work.

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