Adam and Eve-esque

by Bill Barrel

Adam and Eve-esque
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Colors: , , , ,
Artist: Bill Barrel
Uploaded on: March 16th, 2011
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Oil on Canvas
34″ X 38″

About the Artist


My career as an artist started in 1956 after a vacation to Provincetown Mass.
It was a defining moment for me when I saw how artists lived and worked in a very
friendly and sharing way.
I met artists such as Red Grooms, Robert Beauchamp, Bob Thompson, Tony Vevers,
Claus Oldenburg, and Yan Muller I was very influenced by their work and the direction they were heading.
Abstract impressionism was what every artist seemed to be after. I fell in with a group that was
relooking at the figure and the human aspect of life and combining it with expressionism. Yann Muller was a leading figure in this group.
But we lost him in 1957.
Hans Hoffman had a school in Provincetown and was a great influence. Due to poor finances I
was unable to attend his school but had the good fortune to have a studio next door to it. I was able to audit his critiques
and hook up with his students. This is where my formative years where spent.
I traveled in the early sixties to London,Florence,Paris,and Madrid settling in Ibiza Spain for a year and a half.
Arriving back in the US I settled on the lower East Side.
In 1983 I was invited as a visiting artist to LSU.
I have received many awards and have work in many major museums.
At the moment I am working on a retrospective exhibition at PAAM ( Provincetown art Association and Museum )
curated by Robert Henry. It will open May 27th 2011 This will include work from a fifty year period.

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