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Kate Middleton Brings Excitement to Today’s Art World

For the record, I am a huge fan of Princess Kate Middleton. She is the total embodiment of beauty, grace, style and class. The Royals popularity is at an all-time high and Kate Middleton is at the epicenter of this revival. You can’t pick up a People, Us, Life & Style magazine or read a style blog without reading about what Kate is wearing or doing. She easily moves from the Royal stage to the common man stage-where I happen to live… with ease and aplomb. I know that if Kate Middleton saw the artists shown on the CBS Art Collections site, www.cbsartcollections.com she would have a voracious appetite for the artists we represent.

The world is going through a rather rough patch economically right now. You can’t pick up a paper without reading about Greece, Portugal, Spain… but what’s really important is how it all affects you personally. Art is an incredible journey that touches the heart and the spirit and something that brings joy and hope to all of us, whether it be in a doctor’s office, a lawyer’s conference room or right in our own homes and offices. The problem is how do you afford it.

Kate Middleton can show you the way. She doesn’t always wear the most expensive couturiere, but manages to buy quality, sensibly priced items with good names and looks fabulous doing it. CBS Art Collections represents some of the most talented contemporary artists working throughout the U.S. blueprint today. Most of our artists have gone to the best art schools and or artist-in-residence programs that we have to offer. They are nominees and winners of awards from Artslant, ArtPrize, Baker Awards, Pollock Krasner and numerous other art competitions. We represent truly exceptional, moving works or art that are priced based on today’s scarred economy without giving up on skill and sheer beauty. Buying pedigree quality at market sensitive price points is important to us, because we know it’s important to you.

I am a fan of Kate Middleton and all that she brings to the table. I am a bigger fan of CBS Art Collections and the work we can bring to you.


CBS Art Collections Signs Emerging Artists from the Art Students League of New York

November 16, 2011

CBS Art Collections, representing both established and emerging artists throughout the U.S., today announced that they have entered into contractual arrangements with several artists who have had their skills refined at the legendary Art Students League of New York. Founded in 1875 by artists and for artists, the Art Students League of New York has been instrumental in shaping America’s legacy in the fine arts. Many renowned artists have honed their skills at the League, which is dedicated to sustaining the great tradition of training artists.

“We are extremely excited to have forged a relationship with artists who have been trained at one of the most fabled art schools in the history of the U.S …a school that helped shape the careers of art luminaries like Roy Lichtenstein, Jackson Pollock, Robert Rauschenberg, and Mark Rothko,” said Craig Babson-Smith, who launched CBS Art Collections earlier this year. “Walking the halls of the Art Students League is truly a humbling experience, knowing the caliber of the artists that have walked these very halls before me.”

Among the League artists represented by Babson-Smith are David Marshall Jones, Sassoon Kosian, Elinore Bucholtz, Susan Libby Siegel, Shyun Song, Aandra Aabdock and John Kneapler. Babson-Smith came to appreciate these artists’ work through his interest in the Art Students League’s Exhibition Outreach Program, which places work in public spaces throughout New York for hundreds of thousands of viewers.  Program Director Leah McCloskey, herself a former League student, and current professional exhibiting artist and curator, says “It’s a wonderful opportunity for these artists to be represented by Craig. I’m sure these will be fruitful partnerships that will bring amazing pieces into the collections of many buyers.”

To learn more about CBS Art Collections, please contact Mr. Babson-Smith at 203-293-4972 or visit www.cbsartcollections.com.

About CBS Art Collections

Based in Westport, CT, CBS Art Collections represents more than 85 artists living and painting throughout the U.S. and consults on the sale of their artworks to architects, interior designers, hotels, the entertainment industry and private art patrons.   As a collective, these artists are diverse in age, stage of career and geography, with most having had their skills refined at leading art schools and artist-in-residency programs.

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Media contact:

Craig Babson-Smith

CBS Art Collections




What Is ART? Part 1

I had to take my son to get his foot examined at the doctor’s office the other day. While we were waiting for his doctor to see him, he pointed out some old tin advertising reproductions on the wall for Campbell’s soup and Hershey’s kisses. He said, “Hey dad, I like those, would you consider that art?” I thought about it for a second and realized that I get asked a similar question, virtually every day, due to my involvement in the arts. This conversation stimulated me to research “What is Art” online.

I found all sorts of answers from a diverse range of sources. The online source for Encyclopedia Britannica defines art as “the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others.” I thought that this was a pretty good answer because it covered a lot of territory and art needs a big canvas to present itself. A lot of responses came back focusing on the various periods and movements in art history. Many famous people were quoted with reference to their version of what art is. I read through at least 50 articles, because I think that this is a fascinating subject, and was captivated with the history and the widely diverse responses covered.

My thoughts about art are a lot less complicated, and revolve around the fervor that art stimulates within me. I have an uncompromising passion for the fine arts and the utmost respect for the creative geniuses that produce these fabulous works of art. I started CBS Art Collections because of the very fire it stokes inside me. I believe that it belongs at our doctor’s offices, in our hotels, in our restaurants, in our spas, in our workplaces and most importantly in our homes. Art has no correct shape, color or subject matter. I like that. What’s important to me is that it stirs emotions and spawns creativity. We are proud to showcase some truly amazing art by the top art students coming from the most prestigious art schools in the country.

Enjoy the ride.


Today’s Economy Opens New Doors for Art

The current state of the economy has opened doors that were considered locked and doomed to never be opened again by most art lovers just a very short time ago. This is a time when emerging artists, professional entities and collectors alike can make a thunderous imprint. We at CBS Art Collections, believe that this is the period where “Opportunity Knocks” loudest for those who view this as a truly constructive period in the art world.

All people who love art have been given a wonderful opportunity -one in a lifetime- to collect something they love, that will forever be enchanting and magical.

We consider this time to be a period of great awareness. We are in awe by some of the pieces that today’s artists are able to both envision and craft, and revel at the value these fine works offer.

This is the time to step forward and make the stand of a lifetime and collect some truly amazing and staggering works of art.

This is the time for artistic talent to shine and borne works that all art lovers can start to collect and cherish.

This is a new art world- this is the period of mutual enlightenment. We look forward to helping forge the careers of many new and emerging artists and simultaneously creating a new breed of collector.

This is our time!!

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