When It Pours

by Carl Joe Williams

When It Pours
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Colors: , , ,
Artist: Carl Joe Williams
Uploaded on: March 15th, 2011
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mixed media on wooden pallette
24″ X  42″

About the Artist

The Artist: Carl Joseph Williams was born in Uptown New Orleans as the only child of Annie and Clarence Williams. Carl began drawing at the age of four. Art was Williams’ first love and he drew fervently. At fourteen he was accepted into The New Orleans Center for Creative Art (NOCCA) where he received formal training.
Upon completing high school Williams enter college studies at Atlanta College of Art. In Atlanta Williams flourished in his craft; graduating in 1994, produced solo exhibitions, participated in several group exhibitions and completed several public art projects.
Williams returned to New Orleans in 2003 where he is working on new projects, mentoring young artists and helping to rebuild the city he loves.
The Art Work: My work has evolved into a multiplicity of visions, directions, and intuitive gestures. The paintings, installations, and sculptures I create are a product of recalled images of cumulative life experiences. Various forms of music, as well as the rhythm of people, and places assist in the creating and molding of the character of my work.
I see my art and music as extensions of each other. I often use music as a model by incorporating its structure, rhythms, and dynamics elements into each piece; emerging into a new realm of experience.
Objects are also a very important part of the creation and aesthetic of my art. Found objects are a continuum of a narrative flowing through the work, becoming elements of a story intricately woven into a work of art, in order to create a new meaning and new context, in an attempt to display in the layers the images interrelationship of cosmic forces and every-day. This search for universality continues to drive and inform my work.
Aesthetics of the work involves many complex color combinations and rhythmic patterns inspired by geometric patterns found in nature. Rhythms and harmonies converge into a symphony of colors that work together to create a powerful visual experience.
It is my vision to create pieces that bring a since of intrigue, color and excitement while addressing the physiological and historical concerns of people.

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