by Dana Oldfather

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Artist: Dana Oldfather
Uploaded on: July 28th, 2011
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oil,alkyd,marker on linen
36″ X 60″

About the Artist

These abstracts celebrate motion while examining the transitory nature of comfort, power, and security. Hand painted bubbles or globulars innocently float or ooze about either morphing into cute shapes or being annihilated by something hard and sharp; objects overtake one another. Abstracted kites, origami birds, and chips whirl over, under, and through the evanescence. The scene is a dance and a battle as contrasting lines and forms converge. I am drawn to the combination of sweet and dangerous.

Shapes are borrowed from nature, things that can be seen on the side of the road, and stuff I like – elephant feet, shelved books, thumbs, beards, hanging clothes, baskets, nets, and knots. While the work is sometimes graphic, and made with forms in mind, I am also interested in the behavior of ink, oil paint, and brushes, and strive to keep their tendencies intact. The combination of these diametric elements results in a bio-mechanical environment and organism as one; something that has no beginning or end and is showing signs of autonomy.

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