Frequently Asked Questions

Where does CBS Art Collections get the artists they represent?

CBS Art Collections is an artcentric management consulting firm who represents incredibly talented and uniquely gifted fine artists. This great talent pool has been tediously selected from among the best, and most innovative art schools,  artist-in-residency programs and art studios from coast to coast. We nurture both nascent and seasoned artists alike through the looking glass of the business world. CBS Art Collections has undergone an extensive process to find the “best” and most talented artists that our entire country has to offer. We believe that every day offers new challenges and provides outstanding rewards and opportunities. Accordingly, the process to find great talent begins anew each and every day.

What benefits do artists receive from being represented by CBS Art Collections?

We have an uncompromising passion for the arts and an unyielding respect for the energy and creative genius of the “artist”. CBS Art Collections was borne directly from this thought process. Our working goal is to help the artist further their careers in their chosen profession, while providing outstanding works to the individuals and businesses that share this fervor. We provide artists with:

  • Tailor made business plans uniquely crafted for each individual artist;
  • Exposure, Exposure, Exposure;
  • Connections to thousands of art buying contacts across a diverse range of businesses;
  • Consulting on contracts, commissioned works, pricing models and all things business related;
  • Developing social media marketing posturing.

These are some of the day to day issues that we provide for our artists, allowing them the flexibility to do what they do best…


What does CBS Art Collections offer business channels such as interior designers, hotel groups, architects, corporations, etc…?

  • Supply a constant stream of the best and brightest artistic talent that our country has to offer, with most artists coming from a distinguished art school background;
  • Furnish collectors and all business enterprises the opportunity to collect creative genius that have been carefully culled from our best working artists today;
  • Provide a remarkable SEARCH tool with incredible diversity and stunning masterpieces;
  • Offer buyers of fine art the freedom to find great works of art regardless of whether the artists paint in Boston, Memphis, New York City… wherever/whenever, simply by surfing the web. The days of brick and mortar art buying is too limiting and quickly becoming outdated;
  • Allow access to artistic genius at affordable acquisition levels;
  • Potentially find the next Damien Hirst, in the same manner that he was discovered;
  • Stir up the staid and monochromatic ways of the art establishment;
  • Give your clients that special buzz that they hired you for to begin with.

Am I buying originals or copies?

CBS Art Collections has assembled works of art that are originals created by some of the finest artists creating future masterpieces today. Should we offer a giclee, print  or other form of reproduction, it will be duly noted.

Are the artist’s works copyrighted?

All works that appear on this sight are copyrighted and protected for the interests of the artists who created them. Should you wish to use these works for any commercial reason we can put you in touch with the artist directly.

How does shipping work?

Each unique painting is packed with artistic loving care and shipped directly to your desired location through either UPS, Fed-Ex or a carrier that each artist has developed a relationship with. Some of the artworks will be shipped to your attention unstretched. We do this in order to minimize potential damage in transfer. We also deeply respect each buyer’s unique taste in framing.
Prior to purchasing each artwork, please contact us at Our artists live all over the country, as do you, our buyers, therefore we have to check each shipping fee for each work of art purchased. Should you buy more than 1 painting from the same artist, we will attempt to negotiate a better shipping charge with the carrier on your behalf.

Once I purchase a piece of artwork, how long will it take it to arrive?

Once the artwork has been fully paid for, it typically ships within 72 hours. The total shipping time is normally 2-3 weeks from there. Should you wish to expedite matters, we can accommodate this need for an additional shipping surcharge. We will e-mail you with your tracking number so that you can see exactly when your artwork will arrive.

What is your return policy?

CBS Art Collections provides buyers the opportunity to return their artwork if it doesn’t meet their full expectations, within 7 days, for a full refund. However, the buyer is responsible for 100% of the return shipping charges, including insurance, packing and any other costs associated with the safe return of artworks to the artists.