by Jacqueline Allison

contradictory nature
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Artist: Jacqueline Allison
Uploaded on: July 27th, 2011
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22″ X 30″

About the Artist

Jacqueline Doyle Allison’s richly layered mixed media artworks are a celebration of her life, memories and dreams and embody the tapestry these elements create when woven together. The artist is strongly influenced by her travels and upbringing in Southwest. The colors and light of the region continue to influence Jacqueline’s paintings and the use of symbols can also be traced to the Native American influence in the art and architecture of her childhood.

“The world around me is full of inspiration and traveling provides insights that immediately translate to my canvas.” “As I create, bits and pieces of a memory or a dream are entwined together artistically to fabricate a new image that is a compilation of what has come before.”
Applying many layers, Jacqueline blends traditional artist mediums such as acrylic paint and oil pastel along with nontraditional materials such as fabric and thread to create a complex surface with an intriguing sense of depth. Created with spontaneous movement or in a very deliberate manner, with brush, palette knife or splashed on the canvas, Jacqueline thrives when using a variety of approaches. “It’s exciting to find what happens when I mix different materials and see how they respond to each other. “ “Many times it’s the unplanned interactions that become my favorite part of the painting.”

Jacqueline holds a degree in graphic design with a minor in fine art from Middle Tennessee State University near Nashville. Jacqueline’s studio is located in metro Atlanta where she is also active in regional and national arts organizations. Jacqueline’s work has received nationwide recognition and is continually sought out by collectors.

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