Pleasantries of Calliope

by Jenny Hager

pleasantries of calliope
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Colors: , , , ,
Artist: Jenny Hager
Uploaded on: June 16th, 2011
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Mixed Media on Canvas
40″ x 60″

About the Artist

By utilizing abstracted imagery that remains open and slightly ambiguous, I seek to bypass or delay immediate categorization and access the abject. Through the centralization of negation and reinterpretation, repainting and redrawing, and a sense of internalized place, I seek to sustain an associative dialogue within the work that enables me to find a space that embodies layers of internal/external, invented/ real, and microcosm/macrocosm. Interest to me as of recent is the investigation of an ambiguous, constructed, and animated landscape that explores the confrontation of something far outside one’s normal experience and how this is embodied: the enormity, fluidity, chaos, stillness, and incomprehensibility of such a moment, reflecting my concern and examination of apocolyptic consequences and byproducts.
I have been working with a symbol system that I feel is universal, but also highly personal. Ambiguity is important within the work, as I find this symbol system to be fluid and takes on a multiplicity of references. I seek to inject subtexts through formal elements such as pressure, asymmetric balance and lack of “finish”.

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