by Juan Bernal

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Colors: , ,
Artist: Juan Bernal
Uploaded on: March 21st, 2011
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Oil on Board,Framed in Black Box, Biptych
23″ X 35″

About the Artist


My work is about the importance of simple things; elements of nature that we usually take for granted, and whose beauty we don’t take time to observe, like a fragment of a leaf, a flower, or the way light is reflected as it strikes a drop of dew.
These themes are recreated with emphasis in the geometry of nature’s designs. It is the complexity within the simplicity. The work constitutes an alarm to us all to preserve the environment that we are relentlessly destroying.
“To destroy nature is to destroy ourselves”
I am very interested in public art because it takes art out of galleries and museums bringing it to people in the street, humanizing the cities, reaching more people giving them a feeling of appropriation of public space creating opportunities of communication to share and exchange feelings and ideas.

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