by Luca Lazar

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Colors: , , , ,
Artist: Luca Lazar
Uploaded on: July 26th, 2011
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Acrylic on canvas
32″ x 28″

About the Artist

LUCA LAZAR (Luka Lasareichvili)
1957 Born in Tbilisi, Georgia (former USSR)
1972-1976 Nikoladze Art College, Tbilisi (BA)
1976-1982 Georgian State Art Academy, Tbilisi (MA)
1985-1988 Stay in Moscow; Association of avant-gardist artists
1988 Stay in Paris; artist-in-residence Gallery Bernard Felly
1989 Stay in Kassel (Germany); artist-in-residence Museum Fridericianum

1990-2003 Live and work in Cologne (Germany)
since 1997 Visiting lecturer at the European Academy of Fine Arts, Trier (Germany)
since 2003 Live and work in New York, N.Y. (USA)

Select Exhibitions

Forthcoming “Festinova” – Art festival, Georgian Art Centre “Garikula”, Georgia
2011 “Georgian Artists working in Europe”, as part of European days events –Tbilisi, Georgia
2010 “ART MOSCOW”- Moscow
“COINCIDENCE” – Spektre Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (USA)

2009 “Born in Georgia” , Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Amstelveen, NL, (K)
“L’Art Contemporian De Georgie” Chateau de Saint-Auvent, (France)
‘’ Tbilissi Underground’ 09’’ (France)
2008 ‘’Paris Montparnasse Tbilissi’’ Le Musse du Montparnsse, Paris, (France) (K)

2007 55 Mercer Gallery – ‘’Moving Stills’’ New York, NY (USA)

2006 A Space Gallery – presents ‘’Intrinsic Form’’ Brooklyn, NY (USA)

2005/2006 “Moving Stills”, Gallery Schüppenhauer, Cologne (Germany)
2005 Grant Gallery ‘’Mysticism in Art’’ New York, NY, (USA)
2004 “Art from Perestroika till today”, State Art Museum, Tbilisi (Georgia) –(k)
“Invitation to a Beheading”, Gallery Schüppenhauer, Cologne (Germany)
2003 “Statements Basel-Köln”, Gallery Kämpf, Basel (Switzerland) and Gallery Schüppenhauer, Cologne (Germany)

2002 “ART Frankfurt” (Germany)
2001 “One-liners”, Gallery Jule Kewenig Frechen-Bachem (Germany)

2000 “The White Curtain”, Gallery Schüppenhauer, Cologne (Germany)
1999 “Fazit” – Moving Images, Neon-installation, Gallery Schüppenhauer, Cologne (Germany)
1998 “Transformation” Installation – UNESCO, Paris (France)-(k)
“The Bridging” Installation art in public space, Cologne (Germany)
“Opposite of Eden” Installation, Art House Kaufbeuren (Germany)-(k)
“Dialogue” Museum for Regional History and Art, Buxtehude (Germany)-(k)
1997 “The Conscience” – “STADT(t)ART” Installation Art countrywide cooperation project, Hürth (Germany) -(k)
“M.E.S.S.A.G.E.” Positions of current art –Video-installation Gallery Schüppenhauer, Cologne (Germany)-(k)

1996 “Dialogue” Leopold Hoisch Museum, Düren (Germany)-(k)
1995 Art Cologne 4, Josef-Haubrich-Art-Hall, Cologne (Germany)-(k)
Ursula-Blickle-Art-Prize for “Installation”, 1st prize, Ursula-Blickle-Foundation, Kraichtal (Germany) -(k)
1994 “Last Supper” – Gallery Jule Kewenig, Frechen-Bachem (Germany) (In the Showroom of Gallery Johnen& Schöttle, Cologne) –(k)
1993 “Crusades III” – Installation, Cologne (Germany) (in cooperation with Gallery Friedrich, Cologne)
1992 “The Cradle of Humanity”, Frankfurt am Main (Germany) (In cooperation with Price Waterhouse Corporate Finance and the Worldwide Life Foundation)-(k)
1991 Two Georgian Painters – Museum St. Wendel (Germany)-(k)
1990 “Georgia on my Mind” – Four Painters from Tbilisi, Dumont Art Hall, Cologne (Germany)-(k)
Paintings from Georgia, Mona-Bismarck-Foundation, Paris (France)-(k)
International Exhibition in the House of Arts, Cagnes (France): 2nd prize by Art critics jury-(c)
Two Georgian Painters – Arts Hall Kiel (Germany)
1989 Soviet Contemporary Art, Hôtel de Ville Straβbourg (France) (with Ilya Kabakov)-(c)
Exhibition on new Soviet Painting, Warschau (Poland)-(c)
“Perestroika Man” – Three Georgian Painters, Soviet Art House, Moscow (Russia)-(c)
“Georgia on my Mind” – Four Painters from Tbilisi, Museum Fridericianum, Kassel (Germany) –(c)

1988 “Glasnost” – the new freedom of Russian painters, Art Hall Emden (Germany)-
New Art from the USSR and Bulgaria, Dallas (USA)

1987 “Generation-80″, House of Arts Tbilisi (Georgia)
Exhibition Georgian Abstract Art, Exhibition Hall “Ermitage”, Moscow (Russia)
First Group Exhibition of abstract art by Georgian artists, State Paintings Gallery, Tbilisi (Georgia)
“Interart-87″, International Art Market/Bourse of Socialist countries, Warschau (Poland)
since 1982 Participation in several exhibition throughout the Soviet Union

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