by Miguel Sanchez

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Artist: Miguel Sanchez
Uploaded on: March 14th, 2011
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Acrylic on Canvas
60 x 84 inches

About the Artist

The major influence in the development of my artistic style has been the 23 years I lived in South America in the jungle environment of Suriname and the Brazilian Amazon region. Much of my art often depicts abstract landscapes looking down from an airplane giving a feeling of optical illusions. Nearly all of my work is large in size with the standard being at least one meter by one meter. My shapes are normally repetitive patterns with slashes or swaths of color as can be seen in flying over the jungle. In my earlier paintings done in Suriname, I tended to use mostly dark earth tones and painted largely in geometric shapes. By the early 1990s, the experience of living in Brazil and being exposed to the native Indian culture and art began to be reflected in my use of brighter colors and more complex designs found in this art. Upon my return to Suriname, I continued with the bright colors, but moved away from geometric shapes to more splashes and swathes of color. I also began to use molding paste and other materials to give a three-dimensional texture and movement to my paintings. The jungle is often mainly various shades of the same color distinguished by the various levels of the trees or other vegetation and, for this reason; I made the move to the three-dimensional approach.
I have found that I share many similar techniques and ways of expression with both Willem de Kooning and Jean-Paul Riopelle. Through studying the works of these two artists, I am finding myself more aware of my own style, techniques and methods. When I am painting, my art reflects my inner thoughts and feelings at that time and the colors I currently have available. The main influences for my current paintings are a combination of my everyday experiences and my mood at the time. I do not use sketches or preliminary concepts but let the painting develop as I go. As a result the orientation of the painting depends upon the viewer which is why I never sign my paintings on the front. My objective in painting is not to make a statement or send a message, but rather to have people look at touch my art and receive enjoyment or meaning in their own private way.

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