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Uploaded on: March 8th, 2013
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30″ X 24″

About the Artist


In the beginning, when my brush is in hand, the strokes are randomly placed with intuitive abandon. Then the time for refinement comes, when edges are softened and lines are added as the last elements of the collage or painting. Some paintings stand alone, some have paper and found objects, and then they become the collage.

I don’t do sketches or plans, but I do think of what I am going to do, where I am going to start, for months before the brush actually reaches the canvas. Sometimes I do block out areas, applying mediums that are used for the textures. They are a hallmark of my work, but in the end they never exactly follow the parameters that have been set forth by pencil marks and boundaries. The pattern of the texture determines the “feel” of the painting. Sometimes objects are imbedded in the texture, sometimes the textures comprise meshes, construction materials, found objects or paper. If there is no texture, and there is the paint or printer’s stamps only, then the brush strokes determine in what direction the painting will develop.

I love to paint for the experience alone. The satisfaction comes not from the sale, but from the inner feeling I get when I know that I have created a piece of art that has content and meaning. The complement is there when a piece is sold, but the true satisfaction comes when the piece is completed and I feel that I have achieved a real work of art.

I have done watercolor, oil paint, acrylic and pastels and my experience in these varied materials has prepared me for work in mixed media and collage.

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