Style: Pollock Krasner

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Kate Middleton Brings Excitement to Today’s Art World

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Kate Middleton can show you the way. She doesn’t always wear the most expensive couturiere, but manages to buy quality, sensibly priced items with good names and looks fabulous doing it. CBS Art Collections represents some of the most talented contemporary artists working throughout the U.S. blueprint today. Most of our artists have gone to the best art schools and or artist-in-residence programs that we have to offer. They are nominees and winners of awards from Artslant, ArtPrize, Baker Awards, Pollock Krasner and numerous other art competitions. We represent truly exceptional, moving works or art that are priced based on today’s scarred economy without giving up on skill and sheer beauty. Buying pedigree quality at market sensitive price points is important to us, because we know it’s important to you.

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