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Uploaded on: March 9th, 2013
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36″ X 24″

About the Artist

Sue is an award winning artist and one of the founding members and former president of the Visual Arts Alliance. She is known for her bold colors and strong compositions in acrylic paintings on canvas.

You can see the love of nature still in her art works, the colors, the land shapes and the textures. Her works are built by layers of paint, and sometimes pieces of her photographic images. The layers build upon the mystery and thoughts of the artist. The process of creating each painting, balancing the forms and colors with the lines, the textures takes over and the works grow intuitively as she becomes enveloped by the process.

Born in Alma, Michigan, Sue was always drawing and painting as a child, often sketching in the woods near her home. Alma is a small city, a college town with many cultural opportunities. Local art patrons recognized her potential, giving her commissions and purchasing her work at an early age. This encouragement increased her desire to work in the art field. She began studying with the professors at Alma College while still in Jr. High. While achieving a B. A. in Studio Art at Michigan State University, her artwork grew from realistic to abstract. Although her area of emphasis was painting, she enjoyed the many media offered, including printmaking, pottery and photography. Sue continued her art education on the graduate level at Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State, Michigan State and Northern Virginia University.

Teaching was a way to share her passion for art, which she has done for many years in colleges such as North Harris County College, North Lake College in Dallas, as well as public schools, including Cy Fair High School, and smaller classes in her studio as well as at Archway Gallery in Houston.

Along the way, Sue has belonged to many art organizations and groups, finding that mutual interests and support help an artist to grow and expand ideas as well as help new artists join the arts community. When first in Texas, the art groups were all in Houston, so she and a couple of artists in the northwest area of Harris County began to discuss the need for a local art league. They formed the Visual Arts Alliance of Northwest Harris County, now known at simply Visual Arts Alliance, a vibrant group in Houston. She has held many board positions in art groups, including President of Visual Arts Alliance, PR for WIVLA, etc. Currently she is a member of VAA, Society of Layerists and Multi Media Artists, Lawndale Art Center and, 10+ Artists and the Art League of Houston. As a member of the Northern Virginia Art League, she helped in the development of the Torpedo Art Factory in Alexandria, VA. She taught there as well as displayed her paintings for many years.

Sue has lived in many cities across the US and has enjoyed traveling around the world, studying the arts and culture of each land. Her work reflects the journeys she has taken and her love of nature. She primarily works in acrylics and mixed media on canvas. Sue Burke Harrington’s artwork has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums around the country and abroad, including the Jung Center, the Goethe Institute, the Museum of the American West, The Albuquerque Museum, Michelle D. Long Gallery in Dallas as well as The Center for Digital Arts in Los Angeles, CA, the Leelanau Cultural Center, Leelanau MI and The Big Show at the Lawndale Center for the Arts in Houston, TX. As a KINSA Award winner, her photographs were displayed in New York City. Sue has had exhibitions in many states around the country including Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and of course Texas, which she has called home since 1978. Internationally, Sue’s works are included in collections in Brisbane, Australia and London and Solihull, England.

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