by Thomas Gathman

temple tax
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Artist: Thomas Gathman
Uploaded on: July 27th, 2011
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Acrylic on Canvas
54″ x 60″

About the Artist

Born in Chicago,Thomas Gathman studied painting at the Chicago Academy of Fine Art under Gustav Likan. He began exhibiting as early as 1961 and is a veteran of numerous group shows and 22 one-man shows.His work is included in many prestigious private and corporate collections. A knowledgeable student of Modern Art,particularly the post war American Abstract Expressionist and Bay Area Figurative schools,he is a devotee of Willem DeKooning and has been a prolific abstract and printmaker. Bold color and inventive,all-over form have been,and remain,hallmarks of his work. Restricted opportunities to exhibit year around prompted his decision to open Thomas Gathman Gallery in 2005,with plans to show his work and that of a small group of under-recognized Chicago artists of noteworthy merit.

SELECTED SOLO AND TWO PERON EXHIBITS 2005-2006 Thomas Gathman Gallery -Chicago IL1994-2005-Studio Sales-Chicago IL 1989- Bistborno Gallery Baumgarten Sweden 1987 to 1990 Brenda Kroos Gallery -Cleveland OH 1987 to 1993 Gallery West- Los Angeles CA 1988 to 1989 Artworks Gallery-Santa Barbara CA 1989 Winsor Gallery Boca Raton FL 1989 Neville-Sargent Gallery Chicago IL 1982 to 1988 Mary Bell Galleries Chicago IL

SELECTED GROUP SHOWS 1994-ART FRANKFURT Frankfurt Germany 1986 to 1993 Brenda Kroos Gallery Cleveland OH 1985 to 1993 Gallery West Los Angeles CA 1988 Acock + Schlegel Architects Columbus OH 1987 Beth O’Donnell Gallery Tucson AZ 1987 Wilde Meyer Gallery Scottsdale AZ 1981 to 1984 Mary Bell Galleries Chicago IL 1983 Krasl Art Center St. Joseph MI “CHICAGO ARTISTS SHOW” 1983 Muskegon Museum of ART Muskegon MI “SEVEN CHICAGO ARTISTS”

PRIVATE COLLECTORS Barney Rosenwig ,Sharon Gless, Alex Van Halen, John McEnroe, Tataum O’Neill, Mary Hart, Richard Love, Dave Thomas Family

SELECTED CORPORATE COLLECTIONS Household Finance IL – Harris Bank Chicago IL – Westinghouse Corp. Chicago Il- Southland Corp. Dallas TX – Pallas Photo Labs Chicago IL – Meade Paper Dayton OH – Ashton-Tate Los Angeles CA -The Plain Dealer Cleveland OH – Childrens Memorial Hospital Chicago IL – Ronald McDonald House Chicago IL -Arthur Anderson Columbus OH – Price Waterhouse Columbus OH

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