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Uploaded on: September 12th, 2011
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42″ X 48″

About the Artist

Ms Hoffmann received her education at Pratt Institute as an Architectural and Interior Design major and minor in Fine Arts and Illustration.

After years of pursuing a career in corporate interior design, as well as teaching perspective and architectural rendering she has returned to drawing, painting and mixed media to explore the natural world.

“I prefer to use paint in a manner which best reflects the many textures exhibited in the earth’s landscape. I apply color as a means to unite these features and to show relationships between the vividness and subtleties experienced in every part of our environment as a way of expressing visual harmony”.

Ms Hoffmann has worked extensively with art consultants and curators in placing art in corporate interiors. Because of her design sensibilities, she often tailors her own work to fit the demands of contemporary interiors; bringing color and dynamics to complete the space.

Ms Hoffmann has studied at The Art Students League over the years and currently with Larry Poons. Her work has most recently been on display at The Art Students League Gallery shows, the Air Gallery in Chelsea, the AAWAA Gallery in Brooklyn as well as other public and corporate venues in NYC. She maintains a studio in upstate New York and has exhibited from 2005—2008 at the annual Arts Walk in Hudson, NY.

Member: Columbia County Council on the Arts

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