by Vu Nguyen

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Colors: , , ,
Artist: Vu Nguyen
Uploaded on: July 21st, 2011
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Oil on Canvas
40″ x 36″

About the Artist

Vu Nguyen
Artist Statement:
There is a tension between order and chaos in my work. Sometimes during the process, accidents and their solutions can lead to unintentional compositional elements that create interesting technical challenges, especially with representational compositions. This approach has allowed my work to continuously change because the final image is never fully premeditated. As a result, there is a diversity of textures and experimental abstractions, which at times reference some surrealistic characteristics.
I am more interested in extracting a certain atmosphere out of a particular subject matter rather than what it represents. My cultural background influences are evident but to apply them directly to my work requires a more personal approach. I am persistently searching my past for ideas within subjects that I am most familiar with and observe how they have changed. These fragments compile a picture that can appear unpredictable and incomplete.
Some of these ideas can be translated into images that are opened to a wide range of interpretations. I use architectural elements to convey structure, expansion and deterioration. I also use other reference materials including photographs, film images, and found objects that can sometimes establish their relevance in random and surprising situations.

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