by Yukako Ishida

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Colors: , , , , ,
Artist: Yukako Ishida
Uploaded on: October 21st, 2011
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56″ X 50″

About the Artist

Inspired by my experience performing Japanese calligraphy, my artworks feature an exaggerated vision of the figurative beauty, using a process and materials that bridge classic Japanese and modern Western traditions. My goal in art is to depict an “energetic” truth-in-the-moment and to integrate and honor nature. Using the inherent qualities of traditional materials, I continue to produce a cultural resonance within the viewer.
Employing a jazz-like spontaneity in the two-stage creation, I first pour water media over hand-made Kozo paper following images suggested by my dreams. The density, texture, and variable absorptive character of this rice paper introduce an element of chance into the creative process. Based on the energy, I perceive from model, I then select a pre-prepared color design and quickly overlay a line drawing using sumi ink and a reed pen with no corrections.
My uniqueness of line expresses a range of qualities from fragility to strength capturing gesture naturally.

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